It's almost worthy of haunt status now. We added some features like a new brick crypt, a backdrop projection, a lot more jack o' lanterns, a couple of new scarecrows, and a whole new witches area complete with cauldron, ingredients table, summoning table, and a magic mirror. Details about some of these features can be found on the Older Projects page.

Apologies for the terrible picture quality. I had to take everything using my old phone.

The witch's ingredients table and magic mirror

Closeup of the table after dark

New scarecrow (credit for inspiration and pumpkin face goes to Pumpkinrot!)

Hard to see, but some jack o' lanterns on pillars that form a viewing entrance

Another new scarecrow that Griffin built

Last year's scarecrow in a new location


Main viewing area - mausoleum is out of frame on the left

Rearmost area with jack o' lanterns and a backdrop video projection

The new brick crypt

Another look at the new Pumpkinrot-inspired scarecrow

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