These are a few of the costumes we've put together over the years.

Corvo Attano (Dishonored) (2019)

He blinked onto a rooftop for this view

The clothes, belts, and hood were bought, but G made the rat mask all on his own.

Emily's protector

Dr. Zed (Borderlands) (2018)

"Son, this might sting a bit."

This was a team effort. Barbie cut and sewed the smock while Griffin and I did the rest. He ran out of time and wasn't able to apply the blood spatter though.

Fallout: New Vegas Ranger (2017)

Looking post-apocalyptic

The Courier in NCR disguise

Closeup of detail on body armor

Attack on Titan (2015)

Those straps took 20 minutes to put on

Taking the role seriously

Full disclosure: The cape, jacket, and straps were store-bought.

Half-Life 2 Combine (2014)

"Pick up that can."

G wore this one again in 2016.

Ghostbuster (2011)

Who ya gonna call?

He got a lot of mileage out of this costume and the proton pack we built. To get a better look at the proton pack, head over to the Props page.

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